Supplement sounds like a "nice to have" but not necessarily like a "need to have". How wrong, when you are talking about feeding stuff! Since staple foods are not complete without purposeful supplements. That means: something is missed in the animal's species-appropriate supply - and this gap in its menu will necessarily result in deficiency. We aim at preventing this - by offering FORTAN feed supplements.

Specialists won't be engaged with everything. However, what they do care for, they will apply special expertise to. FORTAN has specialized on offering premium-quality feed supplements for cats and dogs (not for horses, birds, or rodents, though) and keeps close contact to organizations, veterinarians, and nutritionists, in order to always offer state-of-the-art-products -and to thus safeguard your pet's health in the long run.

Quality does not come by chance but from within.

Our idea of premium-quality feed supplements:

FORTAN purchases all raw materials employed mainly from within Germany and generally in premium quality from HACCP certified suppliers. We mind transparency and control just as much as confidence in and fair treatment of our partners and suppliers.

In order to ensure being able to decide on what exactly we process how and in combination with what, FORTAN runs its own research laboratory. Self-evidently, we base our work and research on most recent nutritional findings.

Our pressing and blending processes do not employ any heat, we do not perform any animal testing, and we produce feed supplements, which comply with the most rigid pharma- and food-grade standards.

What species-appropriate nutrition means to us:

FORTAN offers feed supplements modeled on nature, because we know that man cannot copy or even improve in just a few decades what has taken nature millions of years to create. Nature is our standard.

FORTAN exclusively sells feed supplements free from:
- soy, because it may be unnoticedly genetically modified;
- artificial flavor enhancers;
- artificial colorants; and
- preservatives.

We supply your pet with all minerals, vitamins, and trace elements required, which convenient food won't be able to cover.